Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A Week in Menorca

Just come back from a nice relaxing week in Menorca. We stayed in Cal'n Bosch quite near to the harbour in a little complex of bungalows.

It was very very quiet, just what you need. No noise at all. The pool area was quiet till about 5.30 pm and then it got a little busy, when I say busy there were 2-3 people at any one time.

Mainly Spanish families were staying there and I believe only one other English couple other than ourselves and our friends who we holidayed with.

A nice relaxing drink down at the harbour which was lined with restaurants from every part of the world.

The bungalows that were home to us for the week. They were basic but had everything you needed for a nice stay. It was very well kept with lawns all around looking very spruce.

My hair had a mind of it's own, nothing I did could keep it straight so curly I had to be for the whole week. This is me with my chicken kebab. I have never seen it served in this way, much better than how we present it. It sort of hung there and had a wine bottle cork to stop the chicken and veggies from falling off the skewer. I really enjoyed it.

We visited Ciutadella one day and viewed all the historic buildings. Ciutadella was originally named by the Carthagians, who called it Jamma, and was the original capital of Menorca until the British came along in 1772 and made Mahon the capital. But Ciutadella still remains the religious capital of Menorca. We drove past the new statue, on the roundabout on the new city bypass. It is a magnificent statue of a rearing stallion and symbolises the famous Ciutadella fiesta, Fiesta de San Juan. I didn't manage a photograph unfortunately as we zoomed past it on the local bus.

Roaming the streets of Ciutadella.

The long narrow inlet which forms the harbour of Ciutadella Menorca (Es Port) was once an important trading port. Today the harbour is filled with yachts easily outnumbering the few remaining fishing boats. The quays around the harbour are lined with restaurants. Ciutadella is still an active port and you can watch all the fishermen unload their catches further along the quays.

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  1. Lovely pictures, Judith, glad you had such a great holiday :)