Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Garden Time

A few gardening quotes:

Gardening is a matter of your enthusiasm holding up until your back gets used to it. ~ Author Unknown

Unemployment is capitalism's way of getting you to plant a garden.  ~ Orson Scott Card

Coffee.  Garden.  Coffee.  Does a good morning need anything else?  ~Betsy Cañas Garmon, www.wildthymecreative.com

I think the second quote is very apt!

I have been spending time in the garden lately, potting up a lot of flowers. It is something that I did every year at one time then somehow got out of the habit. Thankfully I have got back into the habit. There is nothing nicer than borders or containers full of blooms on a nice summers evening. With the addition of a nice comfy seat to sit and contemplate them.

Carrie very kindly swapped some nasturtiums for some pumkin plants. Give them a couple of weeks and they should be climbing hell for leather up the trellis. The pot beside it is full of lettuce seeds so they should grow and be ready to pick within a month.

I really packed this wall basket with Petunias, it should be stunning when all the flowers are out. Will take some photo's of it in bloom.

My three tomato plants are growing well, not sure how long before they will develop fruit. It's the first time I have grown them. I did have two cucumber plants but sadly they both died. Saves me shouting at Bert, I am sure he would have eaten them. I will have to watch the tomato's, he's partial to those too.

The baskets are growing well, it must be the chicken manure I put in the bottom.

The comfy seat to contemplate the garden and Bert to watch over them.

Only trouble with this is he drops all the grass and twigs etc as he comes running back into the house. The hoover is never away!


  1. Great new blog Judith, I love the 'nature' aspect and I'm looking forward to following your progress. We've just had four huge conifers removed from the front of the house this morning and now we can see how much needs doing there... I think like you, we're going to be pretty busy!
    Lynn x

  2. Oooh, everything is looking fantastic! My seedlings seem to be sulking as I planted them out just before those strong winds arrived last week!