Monday, 30 May 2011

Of all the places to build.....................

We got up a couple of weeks ago and found a bird had been very active during the night building their nest. No problem I hear you say, unfortunately they chose to build it on top of the hose pipe outside the back door. Now with the best will in the world it was never going to get any peace and quiet raising a family there.

So I did the only thing I could and took it away. Cruel I hear you say..... but weight up the facts. Bert likes to sit and watch the world go by not two feet away from where it was and the hosepipe is constantly in use for watering the garden and washing the cars. Bert would have had a field day trying to catch it, he constantly has a battle with the Wood Pigeons in the back garden. They sit on a branch a geode him till he goes for the kill then they up and away leaving him flustered and confused.

You can just see the bird leaving another mouthful of twigs. It must have taken them a good while to get it to that stage.

The next morning the whole nest  was back again. Built to the same standard, so once again I had to take it away. To make sure it did not happen the next morning we fashioned a ski slope out of cardboard and fixed it to the back of the hose. They must have build another pretty near as they are often in the front garden. I caught the male of the species hopping under the back wheel of the car and thought ' oh no, not there, they can't have built there'. So we were on our hands and knees just in case. They hadn't thank goodness, he must have just hopped in out of the rain.


  1. I hope you manage to find the new nest and follow the occupants, it would be lovely to see some fluffy little chics. I just hope it's well out of Burt's reach! I think those little playmates might be a tad fragile for his boisterous antics.
    Lynn x

  2. It seems once they have decided on a place, they have definitely decided upon it! Hope you find the new nest soon, like Lynn says, it would be great to follow the progress of the chicks.