Monday, 4 July 2011

Wish we had smelly vision

Been into the garden doing a bit of snapping this evening, these are the results.

Wish we had smelly vision so you could appreciate the smell of these Night Scented Stock they are beautiful on an evening. Not much to look at during the day the flowers seem to wither up but they come into their own on a night.

Carrie, your Nasturtiums are taking over the wall, growing like mad and we now have flowers.

I quite like this photo I think it shows the veins and the Stamens very well. 

and of course Bert was there watching me. He sat very still with his bum on the back of the seat as he usually does, he likes to be comfy! He sits and watches for people walking past the fence with their dogs and then suddenly shoots off to see them or he peers into the bedroom window to see what you are doing, more often that not he is watching to see if you are getting ready to take him for his walk.

Such a big softie.

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  1. I really like your landscape image of night-scented stock (the first shot). Would it be possible to use it in a gardening book I am designing? The book is to be published in New Zealand. We would, of course, credit your blog and send you a copy of the book. You could email me at

    The book is due to go to the printer next week so a prompt response would be appreciated.

    Thanking you

    (PS I am posting this on behalf of my friend Graeme. He had difficulty leaving a comment on your site for some reason using a Word Press ID. P.)